The goal of the Fast-Gait project is to develop a wearable autonomous sensor and actuator system for Parkinson's patients that will detect in real time, if the gait pattern of its wearer becomes irregular. In parallel, the system will use actuators to intervene immediately in real time before the patient falls into loss of control. The latter can be achieved, e.g. by means of acoustic or tactile stimulation, as research work has shown. In particular, less stigmatizing methods of actuation are to be investigated here, e.g. by means of vibrations at the foot or wrist. However, stimulation via acoustics is considered to be the most realistic and effective. In addition to the real-time capability that the Fast-Gait system must provide, the highest possible integration density must be achieved so that the system can be worn quasi "invisibly" as an assistance technology in daily life.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project partners

  • Kliniken Schmieder (Stiftung & Co.) KG, Allensbach
  • Inshoerance GmbH, Tübingen

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