Electrical Characterization

A team of experienced scientists, engineers and technicians work in laboratories with excellent equipment on an area of more than 250 m2. The 13 half and fully automatic 200 mm and 300 mm probing stations in the labs enable a rapid, flexible and efficient electrical on-wafer characterization level for our internal and external project partners.

Main targets

Development and maintenance of necessary capabilities for electrical characterization of IHP SiGe:C BiCMOS and EPIC technologies, including process monitoring and control, device modelling, RF characterization, ESD testing, mixed-signal circuit testing and radiation hardness testing. Comprehensive on-wafer characterization of devices and circuits for development and qualification of innovative technologies.

  • DC/CV parameter testing in the cleanroom and in the lab
  • mixed-signal and radiation hardness testing of prototype devices
  • S-Parameter, RF noise, LF noise
  • optical and electrical characterization with full photonic device set for C/O-band
  • improvement of radiation tolerance for integrated MOS and RF LDMOS transistors 

Research topics

Derived from the demand for continuously increasing RF performance of the HBT transistors fabricated in IHP pilot line, the comprehensive characterization of these novel devices and circuits is a permanent challenging task. In order to improve the high side capability of MOS and RF LDMOS transistors, several concepts for a modular integration of deep isolating n-wells are subject of current developments. Furthermore, our research is focused on design, fabrication and characterization of radiation-tolerant CMOS and RF LDMOS transistors for analog and digital applications in extreme environments, such as high energy physics experiments, long-term space missions and nuclear medicine. Here, the development goal is a substantial improvement of radiation tolerance on device level in terms of TID (total ionization dose) induced drain leakage currents and SEEs (single event effects). The radiation tolerant CMOS and RF LDMOS transistors can be modularly integrated into IHP 130 nm technologies. The 130 nm RF LDMOS device portfolio being under development contains 8 V isolated NLDMOS, 24 V NLDMOS and 18 V PLDMOS transistors.

  • radhard SiGe-BiCMOS technologies and devices
  • ASIC functional test
  • RF-characterization
  • electrical- and optical characterization

Research results

The IHP electrical characterization labs meet the high requirements for the development, control and qualification of its innovative technology portfolio. We provide the key data for verification of novel technology concepts for devices and systems proven by IHP’s high scientific reputation and the steadily growing number of external customers for comprehensive test and measurement services.

It was shown that the radiation hardening by design approach on device level based on additional junction isolating well regions which enclose the drain and channel regions of MOS transistors yields a substantial reduction of TID induced drain leakage currents and soft errors due to SEEs.

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